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The difference between health care products and medicines
Release Time:2023-01-10
There are two main differences, namely the purpose of medication and the approval number.
First of all, looking at the difference between the purpose of medication, drugs refer to the substances used for the prevention and treatment of diagnosed human diseases, purposeful regulation of human physiological functions, and provisions for indications or functional indications, dosage of substances, including Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicine tablets, proprietary Chinese medicines, and chemical APIs, as well as preparations of APIs Antibiotics, biochemical drugs, radioactive drugs, serums, vaccines, blood products and diagnostic drugs. Health care products are also known as health food, it can also regulate human function, but only for specific groups of people, and not for the purpose of treating diseases, health care products are not a substitute for drugs.
The two are also different in the approval number, the approval number that can be seen on the packaging of the drug is the national drug quasi-word H or the letter ZSGBF, etc., plus eight digits, which means that the State Food and Drug Administration approved the production and marketing of drugs. Among them, the letter H represents chemical drugs, the letter Z represents proprietary Chinese medicines, the letter S represents biological agent products, the letter G represents the domestic sub-packaging of imported drugs, the letter b represents drugs with auxiliary therapeutic effects, and the letter F means pharmaceutical excipients.
Health care products must be able to see the FDA approval number or food and health word G or J on the packaging, plus the year number and the flow code. Among them, the letter G represents domestic production, the letter J represents import, or the approval number of the Ministry of Health, Wei Shi Jian, plus the year number, plus the flow code. Above the packaging and label must be marked with a special logo of health care products, that is, a pattern similar to a blue hat, there are four words of health food below, and the approval number below the four words of health food is the number of approval
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