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Where is China's plastic packaging industry going?
Release Time:2022-09-06
Looking back at the evolution of China's plastic circular economy policy, the report believes that the development of policies has covered the whole process from the design and production of packaging, circulation, consumption to recycling and disposal. And with the increasing prominence of the problem of plastic pollution, the governance ideas and models have gradually developed and enriched, and have entered a new stage of systemic thinking as the guide and opening a new stage of whole chain governance. The next policy direction needs to focus more on the top-level design of the transformation of the circular economy system, the unification of plastic packaging standards, the improvement of the recycling system and the synergy of industry development.

The report conducts a comprehensive path study of the most widely used plastic packaging industry in the plastics industry, and points out that the transition to a circular economy should be accelerated from a three-pronged approach of design, distribution, recycling and reuse:

In the design process, eliminate and eliminate unnecessary packaging use; In the design process, explore the design of the consumer-side reuse system; In the design process, from the design to ensure the recyclability of the packaging; In the circulation link, with the e-commerce platform as the main body to promote the reduction of innovative packaging; In the circulation link, promote the implementation of the reusable model with industry-wide collaboration; Establish a cost-effective plastic recycling system in the recycling process; In the recycling process, strengthen and expand the market demand for recycled plastics.

The many properties of plastics make them play a vital role in economic development and production life, and the transformation of a circular economy for plastics will help us use this material more sustainably, which will require us to fundamentally rethink the way plastics are produced, used and reused. Looking forward to the future, the report puts forward four major action suggestions, such as building a green industrial chain for plastic packaging, coordinating the construction of a waste-free city, promoting the development of high-tech innovation and equipment, and strengthening policy dialogue and technical cooperation on plastic pollution control.

"We expect China to accelerate the circular economy transformation of the plastics industry, gain a win-win economy, environment and emission reduction, and contribute China's experience to the world." Guan Yisong, chief representative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Beijing representative office, concluded.
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