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Easy way to open the cap of the wine bottle
Release Time:2022-12-20
1. Lighter: Use the lighter to bake along the cap of the beer bottle for 1 minute. The beer bottle cap has a black rubber ring, which will expand after heat, and if you break it quickly by hand, the bottle cap will fall off.

2. Key: Align the key with the gap between the bottle cap and the bottle connection, rotate upwards to pry a few times, and repeat this action until the bottle cap completely falls down.

3, paper pieces: the paper or banknote folded in half as many times as possible, into a hard piece of paper after the end of the bottle cap, the use of leverage principle to the top of the beer bottle cap can be pried open.

4, unopened beer: prepare two bottles of unopened beer, one bottle on the table, the other bottle upside down, the two bottles of wine Cap connection contact each other. Then use the inner joint of your thumb to reach under the cap of the bottle of wine above, and with a gentle press, you will open the cap of the wine placed underneath.

5: Put the edge of the spoon under the lid, and then pry the spoon up vigorously until the cap is beaten. The bigger the spoon, the harder the better.

6. Belt buckle: align the end of the bottle cap with the belt buckle and pry the bottle cap open with force.

7. Ring: Use the gap between the finger and the ring to jam the bottle cap, and use the lever principle to raise the palm of the hand.

8. Edge edge: Place the edge of the bottle cap on the window sill, wall corner or table corner, and pat the bottle cap with your hand.

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